A word from parents

We would like to thank each and every one of the Holy Angels staff for all the help and care you have shown Grace. We have seen a big change in her during her time in the Holy Angels.

John & Roisin Pierce.

Dear Geraldine & Staff
David and I would like to thank you all so much for your dedication to our little girl. We truly owe you a debt of gratitude. As far as David and I are concerned, everyone at Holy Angels is a miracle worker.
When Alice was assessed by the early intervention team, we were asked about our concerns. We responded that we would want all the plans put in place for Alice to be person centred. You have all gone above and beyond our expectations on this. Not only are we thankful for your person centred approach to our Alice, but word’s cannot express how much we appreciate your family centred approach as well. All of you have seen us through a difficult year. We will miss everyone this summer, and are looking forward to September.

Carrie, David and Alice Goff.

To all the wonderful staff in Holy Angels.

Thank you all so much for minding Michael so well over the last 3 years. You all were very caring and loving to Michael. Thank you all for your support to myself and Gerry also. You are all very special and we hold many happy memories of Michael’s time with you.

Best Wishes
Gerry and Pauline Hennessy.

Dear all from Holy Angels

I cannot believe that I am writing this letter because Leon is leaving Holy Angels.
I think he started when he was 1 year and 9 months, he was so small even though he stilis, and he needed so much help, which also still need but not as much. I was so much under pressure with twins and especially with Leon. He was so demanding (well still is as you know he treated you all like his servant!) and everything was so new to me that I was going to collapse. Even though it was our decision to come to Ireland, life in Ireland was tough at first. No friends….. it was more difficult to make friends that I thought. Also I did not know anyone who had handicaps, and I could not imagine what kind of life I would have.
But after nearly a year passed in Ireland Leon started Holy Angels 5 days a week. He was so lucky and so were we. And more is that he received enormous amount of love from you all and great smiles, laughter, fun everyday. These days he comes home and tells us all about what happened in centre and sometimes so funny that he cannot stop laughing and we do not have clue what he is saying.
He spent most of his life with you all and I spend most of life in Ireland with you all. Our life got better everyday since he started Holy Angels. Teresa and Catherine were like mothers to me, teaching me how to deal with Leon’s problems and how to go through with his medicals which made my life much much easier mentally and physically.
Last October when he got really sick I thought I will lose him. He could not smile, laugh, only words he says was “Mama” he got weaker and weaker, treatment in Cyprus was sometimes very cruel. He was so scared of everyone. I cried and cried everyday, I thought I will not be able to stand anymore. But because I felt so close to you I could contact you and talk to you over text. Lots and lots of texts. I could live by your text then. I could stand and fight with Leon by you text. You must spend fortune by texting me so much. It som much happened in Cyprus though it also happened so much in Temple St. and Boumount Hospital. Me and Noel were both nearly going to give up with all of it and wanted run away but again, you helped us, gave us strength. Gave us time to ourselves. Gave us so much care and love, understanding
When you came all way up the hill to see Leon after he came back from the hospital, I could not be there but I could see Leon was so happy. I thought he lost his memories but he did not! He remembers you all so well. I should have known that you all are his life and his treasure that he cannot forget.
He is now still not fully back to himself yet but he is defiantly coming back because of you.
So what I want to say is that Thank You so so much! I can never say enough of it. You are the angels. we are so lucky that we met you. I would never forget the time we spent together.
Thank you so much for staying in the hospital when Leon was in Temple St. it was so nice that Noel and I could have time together. We did not see each other during this time. It was huge effort for you to come over and stayed with Leon. He was not easy but it did gave us lots of time.
Leon is leaving the Holy Angels now and I am missing you all so much already. I do not know how much Leon is understanding but I am crying every night these days. It is so hard to think that I am not talking to you regularly, but I do not want this letter to be the good-bye letter, the Thank You Leon is now starting next chapter of his life and our life. He can go to main stream school, he is so excited.
We will keep visiting you, to that you can never forget us, I hope you do not mind.

Lots of love
Tomoko Doyle

Positive experiences:
One of the most positive experiences has been the general vibe within the centre. The team spirit the staff exude to benefit the children is quite unique and the upbeat attitude is contagious. Sometimes the work is hard but after things are
discussed at the daily group meeting you leave feeling good. This is because problems are aired and solutions are suggested. The positives of the day are shared and everyone goes home feeling some level of job satisfaction.
The most positive experience of all has been the children themselves. I consider myself privileged to have been given the chance to meet some of the most remarkable little people. They are challenged in so many ways yet their determination is so strong that their spirits seem too big for their bodies. They really have helped me grow and look at life with more appreciating eyes.
The dedication of the centre staff has overwhelmed me and there is no doubt that this is a good place to be. Despite lack of funding, wage cuts and service cuts that were enforced at the start of the recession these people have pulled together for the love of the children, they are a credit to human society and put the government to shame.
I would recommend anyone training in childcare to seek a placement here.

Liz Woods, member of staff in Holy Angels Day Care Centre