Busy Bees


Busy Bees is a classroom with ten pre-schoolers between the ages  2 and 4 years. Some  children who have spent a year in Tiny Tots classroom  progress into the Busy Bees room. A child may commence their placement in Holy Angels in the Busy Bees room depending on their individual needs and abilities.

The  classroom team aims to ensure that all children in our room feel very welcome and appreciated. Our dedicated staff are always there to support each child in reaching their full potential, by creating warm and positive atmosphere, filled with laughter and good thoughts. As well as completing daily individuals programmes, e.g. Physiotherapy, Speech & Language and Occupational therapy, the children also enjoy painting, water-play, sensory activities, constructive and imaginary play. Through group activities children in our room learn social skills, such as: turn taking, sharing and co-operation.



Tiny Tots

ABC Land